We swim from 6:00-7:30 each Sunday evening at the Stork YMCA.

We separate swimmers into 4 lanes, with skill level ranging from beginner to advanced.

Lane 1 “The Nemos” is coached by Coach Vy, and is geared towards our “Learn to Swim” and beginner swimmers.  Here, swimmers learn the fundamentals of swimming technique including proper body positioning and bilateral breathing.

Lane 2 “The Doris” is led by Coach Andrew, and builds on the fundamentals.  Swimmers in this lane continue to focus on technique while starting to incorporate speed and longer distances into their workouts.

Lane 3 “The Marlins” is coached by Coach Caity, and takes on more advanced swimmers looking to learn additional strokes, improve technique, and improve speed and endurance.

Lane 4 “The Bruce’s…like the shark” is coached by Coach Lisa, and puts the most advanced swimmers through difficult speed and endurance workouts in all 4 strokes while keeping an eye to technique.  And yes, Coach Lisa’s workouts have made swimmers puke.

Keep an eye on the website for swimming workouts that you can do on your own during the week.  More information on the swimming program and coaches bios coming soon…

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