Biking/Cycling at this point is taught indoors.  Anyone can take any cycling class but other classes do not focus on the out door ride. Thursday night cycling class from 7:50 – 8:35 is focused on speed intervals with some strength work outs. It is meant to add endurance to the thursday PM run/stretch/core/bike work out for those athletes who are looking at any endurance race.

Saturday AM Athletic cycle class from 7:15-8:45 AM is definitely an endurance class with long workouts and not many breaks. The focus is on time trials of 5-7 minutes, long hill climbing work outs in the saddle with a little out of the saddle much like a triathlete would ride. The morning also will include changing gears quickly and changing speeds quickly with pyramid and rolling hills work outs. The group will start doing “bricks” by going for a quick short run after the cycling class especially as the spring weather comes in.

Triathletes are allowed to bring their wind trainers and their own bikes if they wish to this class.

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