Custom Uniforms

Good day everyone,

We have been working with Sugoi for our custom uniforms for this season. The new logo matches up really nice with a few of their collections so we decided to offer Tri suits, Cycling and Running options.  Attached you will find the following designs:
Triathlon Collection
– RS Tri Tank
– RS Tri Short: available with WYTC logo or custom name for $10 more
Sugoi-RS-TriTank Sugoi-RS-Shorts
Cycling Collection
– Evolution Jerseys: available in long sleeve, short sleeve and sleeveless
– Evolution Shorts: available with WYTC logo or custom name for $10 more
Sugoi-EvolutionJerseys Sugoi-EvolutionShorts
Running Collection
– Turbo Tee: available in long sleeve or short sleeve
I have also attached a sample price list for selected items. You will see 2 different prices based on an order quantity of 6+ or 12+.  The size charts and description of Sugoi sizing is also attached. We will take preliminary orders via email and in-person on Sunday. This won’t be payment, just a checklist to determine quantity of each item so we can determine the discount levels.
Sugoi-SizeDescription Sugoi-SizeChart Sugoi-SamplePrices
These images are of poor quality and don’t all include the correct logo placement. Sugoi has been provided our logo and will be delivering Art Prints early next week which we will forward to everyone along with an updated price list.  After reviewing the final Art Prints and pricing, we will ask everyone to confirm orders. We would like to collect payment and submit the orders by end-March so the order is delivered to us by race season.
Please don’t ask about whether something will fit you because you need to figure that out yourself from the size charts. I have heard we may have samples available on Sunday at 5pm.  Please also don’t ask about specifically how much something will cost because we won’t have that until orders are almost ready to go. You can get a general idea that if a short-sleeve Evolution jersey is $50.50 if we get 12+ people to buy, then a long-sleeve Evolution jersey will be a little more.
If you don’t see what you are looking for (like a one-piece suit), that is because it’s not part of the Quick Design portfolio so it takes longer time for delivery and pricing started at $175+.
Sugoi Quick Design has some fantastic pieces and their prices seem quite reasonable for the quality of material offered.  Hopefully you will take advantage of this offer and get a fancy new kit for this season!

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