3 Hill Workouts for a Faster 5K

3 Hill Workouts for a Faster 5K


It’s something many runners both loathe and fear, but you’ll be hard pressed to find a coach who doesn’t recommend it. Hill workouts are the lung-busting, quad-burning sessions that have long been a part of most endurance training programs.

If you’re one of those runners who looks to understand the reasoning behind each and every workout, consider a recent study that suggests that running up hills just might be the key to helping you run down a 5K PR.

The research out of New Zealand rounded up a group of runners to complete a 5K time trial, followed by a six-week hill training regimen. At the conclusion of that training, they challenged them to another 5K-time trial, discovering that their times improved, on average, by an impressive 2 percent. For someone who runs a 28-minute 5K, that’s nearly a 1-minute improvement.



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