The Seven Deadly Sins of Cycling

the seven deadly sins of cycling jokeHow many of the seven deadly sins of cycling do you break? Are you an Angel or the Devil on wheels? Take the test now to see where you fit in.

1. Forgetting To Wear Your Helmet

Safety First! Brain damage is not cool.

2. Not Waving to Your Fellow Cyclist

Are you not friendly? Are you not enjoying yourself? What is the matter with you? The only valid excuse is if you are an amputee. Too many times I have ridden by cyclists giving a nice friendly wave to receive nothing in return but the look of bewilderment… as if there was something wrong with me! Wave to your fellow cyclist and at least pretend that you care.

3. Coveting Thy Neighbours Bike

Be happy with your ride! 0.01 grams lighter is not going to change you in to Eddy Merckx. Work on improving the engine, not the bike.

4. Upgradeitis

Upgradeitis is a disease that is easily contracted by cyclists and hard to treat. Once the disease has been contracted it is nearly impossible to cure. All the new “better, lighter and faster” parts are coming out and they are going to decrease your time by 0.7 seconds for every hour of riding… better get one of those overly priced uncomfortable pure carbon saddles with no butt padding… on second thought… make it two?!?!

5. Forgetting the Tubes

Did you leave your extra tubes at home? Hope you brought your phone!

6. The Wheel Sucker

Don’t be that guy… you know… that guy that sits at the back of the pack wheel sucking… or just plain sucking… not taking his turn at a pull even though he has lots of energy. Don’t be that guy.

7. Gluttony

Cycling to lose weight? Just because you went for a ride does not entitle you to six beer, a burger, fries and a side of onion rings! mmm onion rings… Ever heard of a salad with chicken?

How Sinful are you? Have you ever been guilty of any of these? Rank yourself and share your result with us!

The Sinful Chart:

0 to 1 – Angel

2 – Saint

3 to 4 – Menace on wheels

5 to 6 – Speed Demon

7 – The Devil on Wheels



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