Three Bridges Road Bike Ride

Here is a beautiful route and not as hilly as some around Waterloo. A GREAT Sunday afternoon tour.
40 KM:

Start at Sir Jam
Go out Erbsville road
R on Bisch
L on Benjamin
R on Kressler and quickly left on Hesson Strasse
R on Herrgott Road go past St. Clements
R on Boomer line
L on Kressler
R on Hawksville Rd
L on Three Bridges
L on Hemlock Hill Dr  (along the river)
L on Geddes Street through Hawksville
R on Ament line
L on Herrgott  – across Hesson Strauss which then becomes Maple Wood Rd through Paradise Lake
L on Weimar line
L on Kressler
R on Erbsville Rd back to Sir Jam.

Well we learned some things today:

-Bring an extra phone – have each others numbers
– bring an extra tube
– bring cash so you can buy maple syrup
– charge down the hills so you can attack the next hill
– don’t be afraid to power your legs and keep cadence fast while you do it. Burn is good.
-Change gears a lot and anticipate when you need to change them on the hills so you don’t loose momentum.
– No body gets left behind
– wave to cars and thank them for moving over by a wave or thumbs up.
– have fun
– bring food.
– you can do more than you think

We had an adventurous day. Two chain derails, one flat tire, one water bottle crash with a car and one water bottle lost. Otherwise is was just a lovely ride with a great group of people.




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