Speed work out for running

This work out is designed for ironman distances but cut the mileage back and it is a great work out for Olympic or half Iron man distance.
Good luck and have fun……

This workout will get the leg speed up from normal base running paces, and is a good way to set realistic pace goals for the season. As with any interval that starts fast and slows down, make sure to set smart pace goals so you can hold good form and run strong over the longer intervals.
“A few of my favorite things to think of when running fast are being relaxed and running with perfect form,” Corbin says. For her this means maintaining a strong core, running from the hips, leaning forward, holding a quick cadence, a lightness of foot, and remembering to breathe in and out.
“I like this session because it’s a bit of reverse psychology—each set of 10 minutes starts out very hard and then you ease your way off the gas as you go,” she says. “Make sure you have a distinct difference in your run speeds. Make the fast fast and the easy very easy.”
Corbin Speedplays
This is a continuous run with easy jogging as the recovery. Total time is between 70 minutes (3 sets) and 95 minutes (5 sets), including warm up and cool down.
Warm up
-1 mile (or up to 10 minutes) easy jog into 1 mile (or 10 minutes) building effort to tempo
-5 minutes easy to get the heart rate (HR) back down
Main set
-3-5x through, with 2 minutes of active jogging recovery between sets:

-1 minute at sprint distance/5k pace: This is very fast and uncomfortable, but only lasts one minute. Stay quick on the feet and lean forward.

-2 minutes at Olympic distance/10k pace: This is still a fast pace and slightly uncomfortable. Just 2 minutes to hang on here!

-3 minutes at 70.3/half-marathon pace: Things start to settle in. Look to find rhythm and focus.

-4 minutes at 140.6/marathon pace: Heart rate should begin to settle and things become more comfortable. Grab a drink of water if you need.

Cool Down

-Finish with 10 minutes of easy running.

Originally from: http://www.ironman.com/triathlon/news/articles/2014/03/my-favorite-workout-corbin-speedplay


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