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February 12th 2014

My Favorite Workout: Clayton Fettell

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Photo by Donald Miralle/LAVA Magazine

Build a stronger swim with this workout from one of IRONMAN’s top swimmers.

by Matt Lieto
Clayton Fettell has a dominating swim and is one of the few male triathletes that can still leave the field in his wake during the first leg of a race. He has used this weapon to garner multiple wins, including three IRONMAN 70.3 titles in 2012 and a runner-up finish in 2011 at IRONMAN Western Australia.

Below Fettell gives us a peak at the type of IRONMAN training swim set that gives him the strength to swim so dominantly. This is a power-based workout that most mortals could do every 10 days or so. Make sure your shoulders are strong enough to do this type of tough band work. Speed isn’t necessarily the goal here, just steady pace with good turnover.

Not someone who likes to spent too much time in the pool, Fettell says he treats swim sessions as his “job.” Once he’s in, it’s “get it done and get out of the office:”
“This is a stock standard ‘meat and veg’ set for me, a pure strength/aerobic session that I use once or twice a week,” he adds. “Since I don’t like to swim in the pool more than two or three times each week, I load up on strength work and higher miles when I get above the dreaded black line.”

The Fettell Float

-1000 warm up mixed stroke

-8×50 *band only

-10×300 all with pull band and paddles

-300 float (easy swim)

Total: 4700 m

*Use a band made of a old bike tube or physio stretch cord, cut so it makes a band that’s snug but not uncomfortably tight.


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