Arriving pre-race

Some of these ideas came from Last year’s third-place champion on how he makes the most of his time on the island.

by Zoie Clift

First stop
check out the race sites especially the swim area. It makes the race real
Leading up to race day
“Like everyone, pay attention to food. Carb-loading, massages, compression clothing and ice baths are always on my menu.
Tips for first timers
“Prepare yourself very well, but next to that try to enjoy as much as possible the special atmosphere on the venue and area surrounding the race event.
Rookie mistakes
“On a lot of different levels I made mistakes my first time. From preparation to nutrition to just going into the unknown and being overwhelmed by the atmosphere. Take it slow, give lots of time to take in the culture and venue. Slow your self down and just relax and enjoy it.
A common mistake people make on the course
“Pacing. From the gun everything goes really fast and for a lot of people, too fast. In the beginning that’s OK for most of the athletes, but after a while you start to see who over paced.”
From the advice files
“Cut the race into different pieces, watching for “new starts” along the way. Mentally and physically it is very important to me to see it like that.”
Token of home
“I keep a little picture of the kids and my wife standing next to my bed. This makes my room feel a little bit more like home.
I’m really looking forward to the race. The thoughts of the race make me go harder, longer and faster in my workouts. Aloha and mahalo!”


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