Strength for rough terrain

Here is a video that is helpful for those of you running out side right now. Some of you from Thursday night class may recognize a few of these exercises. We do the monster walk a little differently. Remember the walk around we do with the stretchy ropes.  Also see the bosu is very valuable for all types of balance and strengthening for running swimming and cycling and I know sometimes you must wonder why we do it all of the time.

Watch a few extra videos. They will keep going if you just sit and watch and don’t stop any of them.  There is one for Petella injuries for you Andrea.
Lots of good info on the site. I get the magazines but I find this website even better and you can go and look into historical stuff  they have had too.
Have a coffee and just sit back and watch and maybe try a few of these too.

Strength for rough terrain link


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