Goggles inside or out?

 It seems like stupid question, but in actuality, the proper
placement of your goggles can make or break your swim.
Overall, it is personal preference, but I wear my goggles on
the inside. Placing them on the inside allows me to use the cap to
give the goggles a better fit. I pull down my cap tight around the
top of my goggles to the point where it covers the top of my
vision. Don’t worry, there is no need to worry about obscuring your
sighting abilities.
Moreover, placing them inside gives me some extra security if they
get kicked off. Instead of the sinking down to Davy Jones’s Locker
or getting lost in the surf, if an aggressive foot does jar them
loose, they remain on my head. As far as time savings, inside will
reduce drag only marginally but every second counts for some. When
you are sprinting into T1, it is just as easy to remove in either
Try it out in practice first though before you make a final choice,
and remember always to have a pair of the same goggles in your gear
bag in case you forget your main pair in the hotel room or your goggles break at the last minute.
Words of Wisdom:

“Tiny details imperceptible to us decide everything!”
― W.G. Sebald, Vertigo
Here is a Workout you can do when you are missing us at practice or in-between times.  🙂

Warm Up: 300, breathing every 3 strokes

Drill: 6x75s. Do the first length of each 75 with hands in fists, the
second doing six kicks for every stroke (glide!), and the third straight
freestyle). Take :15-20 rest between each 75.

#1 and #3 on your cruise interval. #2 count your strokes per 50,
focus on rotating your hips with each stroke, and make an attempt
to bring down your stroke count throughout the swim.
on keeping your head position- eyes on the bottom of the pool slightly ahead of your body.

Warm Down: 200, breathe on weaker side on odd lengths and focus on your bubbles as you breath ou

Total: 2750


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