A Better Way to Breath

A New Breathing Method to Help You Run Better and Avoid InjuryA New Breathing Method to Help You Run Better and Avoid InjuryIt sounds so easy: You run, and you breathe.

But there’s more to breathing than you might think. Smart breathing can actually help you run faster and avoid getting hurt.

That’s the premise of Running on Air, a new book by Budd Coates. He’s a four-time qualifier for the U.S. Olympic Marathon Trials and senior director of health and fitness for the parent company of Runner’s World.

Coates has developed a new breathing style that synchronizes breathing with foot strike, alternating which foot strikes the ground with each exhalation. The breathing style, called rhythmic breathing, aims to help runners run better and avoid injury.

In the book, Coates explains how runners can become “belly breathers,” which helps to slash pace per-mile and regulate pace on long runs. Coates’ rhythmic breathing theory is based on his own experience as a marathoner.

“When I started using rhythmic breathing, my best marathon time was 2:52,” Coates said. “After mastering the method, I set a personal best of 2:13.”

According to Running on Air, rhythmic breathing also helps runners avoid injury by correcting an imbalance caused by landing on the same foot every time a runner exhales. Rhythmic breathing helps to stabilize the core and prevent impact stress injuries.

“The first half-marathon I ran after using rhythmic breathing in training was the most comfortable in my life,” said personal trainer Kari Dougan. “And I ran it 30 seconds per mile faster than my previous half!”

To start running on air, get your copy of the book today.


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